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Luster – My OOTD Story

The making of this outfit is somehow a coincidence. I accidentally scratched my nose and it bled on my way to an event so I thought I’d use my sunnies to cover it up. I had this pair months ago but I never use it outside the car till that day.

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Le Petit Soufflé and Yardstick’s New Cake and Coffee Pairings

I was invited to the launch of Le Petit Soufflé and Yardstick Coffee’s new cake and cffee pairings, of course I said yes! I’m a big fan of afternoon tea (or coffee whichever you prefer) and desserts! I love everything sweet but not too sweet (do you know what I mean?).  That afternoon everything tasted good! 

French-Japanese bistro Le Petit Soufflé teamed up with Yardstick Coffee to introduce three new pairings composed of their respective expertise: pastry and coffee. The tie-up coincided with the launch of Workshop, the bespoke patisserie within Le Petit Soufflé Megamall.  Continue Reading


Manila – Taipei – Osaka via Philippine Airlines

Last July 15, I was at Shangri-La Plaza Mall for Eiga Sai (Japanese Film Festival) with Ana and Ava when I receive a message asking if I can go to Osaka on July 19. I checked my schedule and I only have one event that week so I immediately said yes. HAHA! I’ve been to Osaka a lot of times before because I lived there but I haven’t really explored it to be honest. When you live in a certain place, do you get the feeling that you don’t want to travel around just yet since it’s just there anyway? It’s so funny because this trip brought me to a lot of places in Osaka (we also had a short stopover in Taiwan haha) that I’ve never been before.  Continue Reading


2nd Avenue Japanese Cooking Class + Teriyaki Chicken Recipe


If there’s something I love doing aside from traveling, it’s learning new things so when I got invited for an exclusive cooking class by 2nd Avenue, I said yes right away. I don’t really know much about cooking, I just learn everything from youtube. To my surprise, we were assigned to cook / make Japanese dishes like teriyaki chicken, california rolls, sushi rice, Japanese fried rice and tempura. Yay! I’m still on brand. Haha! This is why people think my blog is all about Japan and not a personal one. But that’s OK!

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What is Cruelty-Free Beauty? 

Two days ago, I saw The Body Shop campaign (in the Philippines) online to sign the Forever Against Animal Testing petition. So I thought, maybe the world is ready for this message. I was hesitant to talk about this topic since it might cause many debates and I also thought maybe I could just practice it without telling the world about it. You know, the online world is sometimes too scary for people who have anxiety like me. Please only read more when you’re ready to listen.

This is not a sponsored post, I’m not even invited to The Body Shop event.
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