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Living in Japan for five years, I must tell you, I find it very hard to choose which places to go to when traveling with a limited time.

 Even after years of staying here there are still so much things to do, cafés to dine at, things to buy on my list. So here’s a little guide on how to spend a day in Tokyo based on different personalities. Whether you’re a kawaii girl, a cool person or otaku lover, I’m sure you’ll find something you like! Please enjoy, I made this especially for you.

Every tourist knows about Shibuya. When researching about Tokyo, I’m 100% sure you’ll come across with an advice to take photos at Shibuya Crossing. But what’s next after that? I suggest going straight to Parco for KIKI LALA CAFÉ at The Guest Café and Diner. It’s only there for a limited time so hurry! Read my suggestions on what to eat and full post about it here.

There was a Kiki Lala x Carebears pop-up exhibit when the café first opened but it’s done now. If you catch some news about exhibits you like you should hurry and go there on their first or second day. Tokyo events are enormously exciting and won’t wait for you.
Kaila of Japan Lover Me  also made a guide about top ten things to do in Shibuya.

If you love exhibits like me, you definitely should drop by at Rocket in Harajuku. (Say Hello to Parker of Kinfolk Magazine!)  Have you heard about Design Festa? Rocket’s concept is very similar to them. It’s a space where you can display your art/ work. It’s one of my most favourite places in Harajuku because their aesthetics.

I first found out about them at Art Fair Tokyo where they were selling drinks made out of natural ingredients.

Harajuku is a must for every Japan Lover. There is a kawaii mosh pit every weekend at Takeshita dori so make sure to drop by if you want to see the unique Tokyo Fashion (it’s very far from what you saw at Shibuya crossing even if it’s only 5 minutes away). One of the things I do after dropping by at Rocket is visiting Kiddy Land! It’s where you can find Star Wars and Harry Potter chopsticks and every character you’ve imagined. Bid goodbye to your money now.

I haven’t explored Aoyama that much but my recommended hangout place would be 246 COMMON where you can find food carts of healthy meals and farmer’s market.

For the Sanrio fans, Puroland is for you! Kawaii, kawaii, kawaii! I couldn’t pick between Kiki Lala and Hello Kitty! Who’s your bias?

Café Hammock Tribe in Shimokitazawa is a hammock café inspired by the beach. They serve Thai and other Asian cuisines. Due to it’s laid-back and relaxing nature, it’s definitely a must-visit hangout place in Shimokitazawa. They also serve the best green Thai curry in town. Next to Café Hammock Tribe, there’s a rabbit café. In Japan , they are various of unique hangout spots to try jut like this one. Hop around or make reservations ahead of time when visiting here as they are always full. Darwin Room- Where you can find a real otter, zebra, butterflies among many other animals preserved. They also have a small café area where you can dine. The store’s atmosphere is just magical as if you are in a museum.

Flamingo- An authentic vintage clothes store. Their items are ranging from the 40’s to the 80’s. 2丁目3番地 (Nichome Sanbachi) – A toy store that sells used items from the 90’s or even older. They collected and maintained children’s toys such as Sailor Moon, Star Wars, Hello Kitty toys and more! They’re usually 50% OFF on weekends. Cateriam Cat Café for the feline lovers. Try to resist but better be ready to get your heart captured by these creatures. Cat-shaped cookies are also served here. Rainbow Café, Dining and Bar offers a good variation of omorice (omelette and rice) aside from the traditional tomato sauce, they have one with white sauce and mushrooms.

Hama Rikyu (Gardens) for you culture and nature lover. Isn’t amazing how Tokyo got to keep not one but loads of gardens in the metropolis? This one could be find a few minutes walk away from JR Shinbashi station.

After strolling around the garden, you can immediately go to Ginza, Tsukiji (fish market) and Imperial Palace.

Ghibli Museum. If I were you, I will spend my whole day here but be very careful about reservations!
Japan Lover Me made a guide about it here.

My least favourite place but If I have to recommend something for the thrill seekers, it’s definitely Tokyo Dome in Suidobashi.

Stand still and watch the view at Roppongi. My boyfriend loved it! He usually goes to church and malls to chill on his off days so Midtown was perfect for him.

Odaiba is for sweethearts, gundam fans and coke fanatics. Somehow Palette Town reminds me of The Venetian in Macau. Also, don’t miss the chance of taking a photo of that huge-ass gundam!
And my list goes on.. Here are some of the other places I want you to visit but I don’t have any photos of yet: Koenji, Asakusa, Shinjuku and Omotesando Koffee (specifically).

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