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Osaka-Kyoto 5 Day Itinerary

Living in Kansai for years made me realise that there are so much places visit and it is almost never enough. I made a 5-day itinerary for your future use

Day 1: Universal Studios Japan

Jaws and Jurassic Park were my favourite rides as a kid. The first time I’ve visited is when I was around twelve. I can vividly remember how scorching hot it was. The lines were unforgivable (as usual.) I suggest getting an XPRESS 5 or 7 for The Forbidden Journey. I promise that the extra payment is worth it.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Ahh do I even have to explain?

I’ve been to USJ way too many times than a normal person would do, so I’m confident enough that I could recommend the best places to eat, etc. I honestly do not suggest their turkey leg.. There is a hype going on with those but personally, I think it’s not worth it. I’d really rather seat down and enjoy my meal.

1. The Three Broomsticks / Harry Potter Restaurant – try the chicken and ribs platter and of course butter beer!
2. Straw Hat Crew’s Feast / One Piece Restaurant for their lunch sets
3. Mel’s Drive-In – burgers and cheesy fries!
4. Hello Kitty doughnuts

Day 2: Kyoto Kinkakuji, Kiyomizudera and Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kinkakuji is open every day (no holidays) from 9:00am to 5:00pm only. It cost ¥400 each person for the entrance fee. I also suggest getting the ¥500 day pass that you could easily see along the bus stops in Kyoto station. Since it’s a 40 minute bus ride to get here, you might want to prioritize going here at 9:00am. It could also maximize your time.

Kiyomizu-dera is always one of the must-see temples in Japan because of it’s label as a part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto UNESCO World Heritage site. Lots of tourists, usually clad in kimono, go there. I detest huge crowds but I would brave to visit here every single time because it’s just so, so beautiful. Top things to do here are: taste free Japanese delicacies. It’s free but I’m sure once you taste it you will not not buy; wash your hands, drink from the running spring; eat cold soba; and just be completely possessed by how beautiful nature is. It’s kind of unfortunate that they are currently renovating it (as most famous Japanese sites are) because of Tokyo 2020 Olympics. But I definitely recommend you to go and see it for yourself. 

Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of the most important Shinto shrine and famous for its torii gates! Also, it’s for free! I suggest putting this on the last of your list in Kyoto so that you can climb up in the afternoon and see a sunset view of the city at the top. It’s truly magical and it could save you money if you are planning to visit Kyoto Tower just for the top view of this wonderful, wonderful city. 

Fujinomori if you’re visiting during the rainy season. The temple in Fujinomori is mostly empty but it is a great venue to see some hydrangea garden in June!

Day 3: Sakuranomiya, Osaka Jo (Castle), Umeda

The last time I’ve been to Sakuranomiya for Cherry Blossom season was in 2010 and it was beautiful, not an overstatement. I wish to go back this spring!

Day 4: Shopping Day at Lucua, Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Namba

My favourite shopping street is along Shinsaibashi to Namba area. You can just leave me there for a day and end up with dozens of items in my hand. Japan is really good at marketing items and I always get fooled. Shopaholic anonymous, anyone?
Day 5: A side trip in one of these places..  

Awaji for tulips festival

Kobe Luminarie 神戸ルミナリエ is a light festival held in Kobe, Japan, every December since 1995 and commemorating the Great Hanshin earthquake of that year. The lights were donated by the Italian Government and the installation itself is produced by Valerio Festi and Hirokazu Imaoka. Lights are kept up for about two weeks and turned on for a few hours each evening. Each light is individually hand-painted. Major streets in the vicinity are closed to auto traffic during these hours to allow pedestrians to fill the streets and enjoy the lights. It is viewed by about three to five million people each year.

Sannomiya – Sucre Cachette, supposedly means, a sweet secret hiding place in French. My French is really rusty now so I have to google translate that for you although I’m not sure if that’s grammatically correct. In Japan, they always use foreign language as names for cafes and restaurants unabashed with their grammars. You’ll never believe me how much cafes were named boulanger, boulangerie, boulangere and other variations.

Kitano is my favourite place in Kobe. This is where I usually take my friends when I lived close there before.

and don’t be sorry.
-Jack Kerouac

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