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“I know it’s not clothes that make women beautiful or otherwise, nor beauty care, nor expensive creams, nor the distinction of costliness of their finery. I know the problem lies elsewhere. I don’t know where. I only know it isn’t where women think.”

Marguerite Duras, The Lover

Ashley Dy in Love

I’m not perfect but it doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful. Yes, I mostly do feel untouchable with my make-up, designer bag, high street-bought dress and killer heels on. But without all those, I am still Ashley- imperfectly perfect and that’s fine.

There are lots of moments in this life that made me feel “unpretty” especially when I was younger. With my untamed hair, not so fair skin, button nose, at one point too skinny or too fat, I’m definitely far from being the model material or the girl most adorned in school. But years, it took me YEARS to accept that I don’t want any of those labels. I just have to be Ashley. I know I’ve written about this topic way too many times. And you know what? I will continue to write about it just because I know most of you girls, just like me, needs that constant push. It might be tough but I have high hopes that one day, we won’t need any validation to feel that we are beautiful.

“It’s so dark right now, I can’t see any light around me.
That’s because the light is coming from you. You can’t see it but everyone else can.”
Lang Leav, Love &Misadventure

There are still days that I feel insecure but most of the time, it’s because of someone’s talent. And what do I do with that feeling? Turn it into inspiration. I admire that person, love them, find pieces of them in myself, until I find the light that has been kept because I was staring at the dark.  I am definitely satisfied with how look and how I am now but it won’t stop me from becoming the better version of myself. I’ve written a little poem years ago here, let me share it to you again.

“The girl of my dreams has a dazzling bright smile that lifts everyone in the room. She gives everyone a chance to feel better about themselves instead of envying her. She loves her body and most importantly her imperfections. She’s not the one you’ll always see prim and proper, she’ll be sloppy and shabby but she’ll be able to make up for it by her positive attitude in life and words to live by. She loves to write snail mails rather than answer e-mails.

She might not don the latest “it” bag but she’ll prove to you that confidence is the key to a successful outfit look. However, at the same time it doesn’t mean that she’ll give up her dream to wear anything by Carven. She likes to listen to music that somehow catches your soul. She dreams of being a lawyer and a designer, among other things, at the same time because she believes that the world is an endless place and nothing is impossible. For now, she’ll remain a mystery.

Or forever.. ”

Finally, I just have to say that the girl of my dreams is “me”, and your girl of your dreams should be “you” too.

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    mei // めい
    April 13, 2015 at 6:11 am

    yey I love this post! I also feel insecure because of my body sometimes, especially when I'm taking outfit photos ><

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