Hi guys! Just want to share my recent trip to Tokyo in diary form in case I forget everything due to old age dementia (lol). It would be a 5 or 6 part entry since we stayed in Tokyo for 8 days. 

  We left Manila around 9:00 am in the morning via Philippine Airlines (PAL) going to Haneda. I’m not picky at all when traveling, I could take any airline, any seat, any time but on this trip, I was lucky to get a business class seat. I even saw Joey de Leon (Filipino comedian) on the seat in front of us.

PAL Business Class Business class food is a feast. There are two choices for the main meal and of course, I chose the Japanese one. It was super good – tsumetai (cold) soba is one of my favourite Japanese dishes but in this meal, I liked the fish a LOT. I can eat it every single day.

PAL desserts For desserts, I got my strawberry daifuku (wrapped in mochi) and Carmen’s Best ice cream. This photo was taken via snapchat (my username: ashleydy), follow me if you like.

 ANA Intercontinental TokyoAfter our flight, we went straight to hotel. ANA Intercontinental Tokyo is located in Roppongi, the business district, at the heart (center) of Tokyo. We moved to another hotel after four nights so stay tuned for my next hotel review.

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo We got a classic room on the 14th floor and since Tokyo has tall buildings and infrastructures, we can’t see much view on this level. The bed is nice and soft but their comforter could get too hot after a while. More about my review at OurKawaii.Tokyo

Maisen Omotesando When we are fully settled in our hotel, we went to Omotesando and dine at maisen (a popular tonkatsu restaurant in Japan). I ordered katsumabushi set,where you have to eat tonkatsu with the soup.

Maisen OmotesandoAnd of course, we have to try their specialty, rosu katsu.  I’m feeling hungry while typing this…

Econeco  I was able to drop by at Econeco’s (Japanese artist) exhibit at galerie doux dimanche. Since it was only a 5 minute walk away from maisen, I made it just in time. The staff were actually doing their inventories when I came in.   EconecoIt was super pretty! If I’m an artist, this would be my kind of aesthetics.

Econeco I loved this day! If you like this kind of format for my blog posts let me know in the comment box.

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    Laura Rain
    November 27, 2015 at 2:01 am

    Yes I do love reading this king of posts! also your new blog is lovely <3<3<3

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