Tokyo 2015 (Part 2) – Akihabara, Harajuku

Thanks everyone for the good feedback about the first part of my Tokyo trip. Here’s the part two!  Good morning from ANA Intercontinental Tokyo! ❤️ We have a budget-friendly hotel posts at OurKawaii.Tokyo just in case you need one.

  Akihabara station electric town exit  First stop: Akihabara UDX (we used Metro Ginza line from the hotel and JR Yamanote line)

  Akihabara is the center of anime in Japan – it’s actually my first time to really explore this area. I’m not a big anime fan but all my friends are so I tried to roam around to look for things that might interest them.  A gundam cafe

Ashley Dy AKB48 Cafe & shop Since most of the stores open at 10:00am, I spent some time in McDonald’s in front of Akihabara UDX. It was very windy that day, the season was in transition mode from summer to autumn. I hate the feeling of the cold wind onto my face.

 Love Live cranes!

 The famous Miku Hatsune gachapon – any hints why?

 Look carefully

  Pile!  And me! Hahaha I feel like I need a whole post about Akihabara.. I still have more photos to share. Soon?   Harajuku station, Harajuku station desu.

Second stop: Takeshita Street (so packed in a Monday morning)   Harajuku and their ubiquitous crepes
More – which is your favourite flavour?Harajuku My Little PonyNew craze in Takeshita Street, Totti Candy Factory – will it beat the crepe craze? Met up with Seishun Kakumei’s Cindy in Harajuku – we ate at a tonkatsu restaurant along Takeshita street and supposed do perkier right after but we got distracted with the cute stores so it took us about an hour to reach the end of the street.    We tried Peco’s purikura – so many young models have their own purikura machines latelyMeiji JinguMeiji JinguNext stop: Meiji jingu to meet Kathryn
 Kathryn wanted to try good town doughnuts so I went with her.
After, we went to Kiddyland – as usual I have so much photos that it deserves a whole post. ‘Til next time! This day ended up with a dinner in Roppongi hills that we didn’t like so I won’t recommend it.

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    December 6, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Huhu cuuute and I’m so inggit because Akihabara!!!! Feeling ko if I go there buong araw ako magtitingin ng anime things. And ang cute nyo ni Cindy hihi <3 <3 <3

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