Kyoto Travel Guide

This 2015, I’ve been to Kyoto from Winter to Spring, skipped Summer and went back this Autumn. Yay! So thankful for all those wonderful memories I made. As per usual, I want to share some tips and tricks on visiting Kyoto (just in case you need help) – where to go, what to eat, what to skip, etc. 

Kyoto StationFew days before I left Japan, my sister and I went to Kyoto for their autumn colours. This giant Christmas tree welcomed us at the station.Kyoto Station Kyoto Station Kyoto Station The view of Kyoto tower at the station – I’ve never been inside the tower, it doesn’t fancy me at all. But maybe, someday..Kyoto StationAlthough it may seem like Kyoto station is crazy busy, if you find time to explore it, you’ll be amazed by how much a “station” could entertain and inspire you.

GindacoThere are lots of new restaurants and cafes at Porta, a “mall” under Kyoto Station. Glad to find my favourite takoyaki brand, Gindaco there.

_MG_0311For Autumn Colours, one shouldn’t miss Tokufu-ji Temple and pass by Taiko-an Temple.

For Cherry Blossoms viewing during Spring, the take a stroll from Ginkakuji to Philosophers Walk to Nanzen-ji Temple.

For Winter, Golden Pavilion and Fushimi Inari Taisha

For Summer, probably all of the above. I’ll be updating this post with what more to see, cafes to try and side trips around Kyoto area. So sorry I couldn’t do everything in one go since my internet connection is bonkers.

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