Osaka Castle

Akemashite Omedetou! Happy New Year, guys!

Osaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka CastleOsaka Castle

So happy with the warm response and questions I got from all of you. I’ve been asked if I’m going to blog regularly from now on and to make my answer official, it’s a yes. Blogging is the only hobby I’ve sticked with for about ten years now and this job, it’s just made for me. I might take a break from it for time to time but I will always go back to where my heart is. If you’ve noticed, I don’t take a much as self portraits like before. I guess I’m growing up.

Anyway in this post I’ve shared some photos of Osaka Castle which I’ve been to (a lot of times already) but it’s my sister’s first time to visit and that made this trip so exciting! I took various shots of the castle from different angles and it never disappoint. Just beautiful. Help me write my next post by suggesting what you want to see in this blog!

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