What To Wear For Winter

Cold weather doesn’t only require us to change our beauty routine but also our wardrobe. And actually our lifestyle. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my tips (based on my personal experience) when I lived in a country with four seasons.

cat-love_10758126093_o light_11082150466_o light_11082155536_o light_11082169424_o If you’ve noticed, I’m wearing my trusted uniqlo heattech crewneck t-shirt as an outerwear. I think it’s not a secret anymore since all of my friends are actually always raving about uniqlo’s heattech garments whenever they need something to wear for colder weather. I’m still amazed on how thin it is. A friend who didn’t want to be all bundled up during winter actually wore 4 layers of heattech and a sweater. He was warm enough. I wore 2 layers of heattech, a knitted jumper and a coat on most days. However in an event that I needed to stay in a cafe (indoors), I would only wear 1 heattech and a puffer jacket. Heat conditioning inside Japanese trains and establishments are too high, I don’t want to faint.

I also highly suggest getting heat packs with stickers and place them in your back or stomach (whichever you prefer). To protect my face from the harsh cold wind, I wore mask. Gloves are highly recommended as well. If it’s really cold (for example, negative 5 degrees celsius), I would wear ear muffs. If it’s not, scarves will do (for me). Under my jeans, I’m also wearing warmers or leggings. And if I’m going to wear skirt, I’ll make sure to get thicker stockings plus socks.

Did I forget anything? If so, let me know!

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