Australia Bucket List

One of the longest trips I’ve made was when I left for Australia in 2013 for about a month or so. It was actually summer vacation in Japan and it was winter in Australia.At that time, I was kind of bummed to know that I’m going to experience three winters. One, January-February when I was in Japan, August when I was in Australia and December in Japan again. But still grateful to escape Japan’s summer.

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 I’ve visited several places in that one month (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney) but you know, everyone who loves to travel will understand our never ending thirst for travel. So here’s my bucket list for my next trip to Aussie. (Crossing fingers that it will be this year)

  1. Perth (so I can visit my aunts and their families as I’ve mentioned on my previous post)
  2. Broome, Kalbarri (all the Western beaches)
  3. Melbourne (I’ve missed it last time)
  4. Sydney (again, I want to see some of my relatives and friends)
  5. Pink Lake in Western Australia

By the way, Happy Straya Day to my friends and family! Which month do you think it’s best to visit? Hope to see you soon!

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