Dolly Kaye

I used to feature my favourite girls / women (eg. Asami) in my previous blog. I’m not posting as much as before but since I was reminded that today is women’s day, I decided to give it a come back. It’s also to support my friends and women empowerment. My first feature would be Kaye since everyone knows she’s my favourite (hahaha).

IMG_4475 IMG_4479 IMG_4500 IMG_4510Kaye Romero, the woman behind the clothing line Dolly Kaye loves sewing dresses and making cute crafts. She also models her own creations which suits her petite frame perfectly. She’s a self-taught designer plus she’s also responsible for hand-sewing all her creations. Talk about talent and hard work! I love Dolly Kaye! You can buy her dresses online via store.

As a woman, we’re sometimes too harsh with ourselves. Imagine all the things we do just to look perfect – waxing, IPL (semi-permanent removal of unwanted hair), hair dye, gel nails, shopping for new trends, etc. etc. Sometimes, we also need to just stop and tell ourselves, “You are enough, you’re more than enough.” Happy International Women’s Day! 💕

Photos by Armaine Yapyuco

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