Early Bird Breakfast Club in Nuvali

If you know me well, you might know that I’m a big fan of cute cafes. I’m actually always searching for one so if you have any recommendations. Let me know! I’ll be glad to visit it at my own expense. Last April Fool’s Day, Ana and Ava found ourselves at Early Bird Breakfast Club in Nuvali for an event. They say, I fit this cafe perfectly as I AM (usually) THE EARLY BIRD.

 I actually had their sunny salpicao for lunch but my ultimate fave dish here is their yin yang champorado. If you haven’t tried it, you should go. NOW! IT’S SOOO GOOD! Well kidding aside, I think you should have it over the weekends since it’s really sinful for those who are on a diet like me. I’m on my third day of my 1200 calories per day diet. Wish me luck, I need it. I was craving for champorado since last week and although I had oats champorado this morning for breakfast, I’m still looking forward for a real one (sticky rice, yesss) this weekend.

This post is making me super hungry so I’ll stop right now.

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