26 Things I Learned About Myself

My birthday is nearing and I realized I want to create a memento about my learnings (mostly pertaining to myself). It’s kind of trendy to make lists about everything nowadays so why not? Can’t believe that my Kiki & Lala Cafe birthday celebration is almost two years ago already. Time flies!

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1. I’m an INFP-T. My personality type is mediator. I actually tried this personality type test thrice because I couldn’t believe it at first.. Me? A mediator? But when I read more about it, I’ve come to accept that it’s really me.

2. I love having long-term relationships. Be it with friends, boyfriend and family. I have friends from uni and they’re my closest friends for over 10 years now. My boyfriend and I will celebrate our 7th year this December. And of course, I try my best to get along with my family despite our differences. My parents and I have been together since I was born – probably longer now than their own relationship. I’m just extremely loyal.

3. Writing in my blog is my outlet. My blog is more of a diary than a brand to me. If there are things I cannot tell personally, expect that I’ll be writing about it, an INFP-T core personality.

4. When it comes to career choices, I’d always choose something that I think I could be free to do the other things I want to do (like this blog). Also, I’m more on the entrepreneur side rather than the idea of climbing up the corporate ladder.

5. I’m a late bloomer. I just learned the importance of image building recently. Now, I can never go out without fixing myself (dressing up, make-up, etc.).

6. T-shirts don’t look good to me. I just don’t look good in a t-shirt… Unfortunately.

7. Before I took the personality test, I define my personality as “Japanese”. I could relate my personality more on my Japanese (and those who are into Japan) friends. I love being on time, I greet everyone with “you are so cute” / “this is cute when I see them”, I always practice CLAYGO, I thank everyone at the end of the day (Otsukaresamadeshita) and I like being honest.

8. I hate confrontations. If I something is wrong, I would rather ignore you. I hate yelling and fighting. I don’t like being violent.

9. Like most of my friends, I love traveling. My dream destination (right now) is Morocco.

10. I’m good at following rules most especially when people don’t dictate me to. I’d appreciate it more if you would set yourself as an example rather than telling me what to do though. I usually copy other people’s good virtues. For example, whenever I meet someone I would always look for their best quality and try to achieve it. I only got my “early bird” trait when I was in Japan because everyone arrives 5-10 minutes early.

11. It takes a lot of time to adjust. I’m still not used to Manila.. I still get pissed if someone’s extremely late or impolite. But I’m getting there. Patience, patience..

12. My go-to cafe in Japan is Starbucks but it’s Toby’s or Coffee Bean here in Manila. Starbucks tastes different here.

13. I have a very basic body clock. I sleep at 10pm and wake up in between 6am-8am. That’s my most natural state. I love sleeping. I’ve never done an all-nighter. I’ve never sacrificed sleep for anything but flights. So if I do wake up early for you or stay up light, you’re special.

14. You need to have a go-to person in this life. Someone you can count on anytime, won’t judge you, will be objective when you have problems. Justin is the first person I’m going to call if I had a bad dream, leg cramps even at 3am.

15. I can mostly get-along with everyone due to my mediator personality but I can’t stand people who have double standards, insensitive with other people’s feelings and always talk but never listens.

16. You also need passionate friends. The one who will support you and inspire you to keep going. I just have to say if you need doses of inspiration, follow Kaila, ChichiKaye and Tricia.

17. My most favourite subject in school is STILL Philosophy.

18. One of my dreams in life is to see the cherry blossom blooms every year. Japan, I’m counting on you.

19. At this point, I’m still not sure if I’m going to take a post-graduate degree or study a new one. I’ve change a lot in a span of 10 years. I studied International Studies Major in European Studies back in university but I’m mostly interest with graphic design and content creation nowadays.

20. I can’t lie especially on Facebook, I can’t tag myself in places I’ve never been.

21. You need to limit yourself to 1200 calories per day if you want to slim down. It tried it this week and it works!

22. Life is easier when your parents are still supporting you financially but life felt 100% better when I’ve moved out and became the captain of my own ship.

23. Happiness is definitely a choice. If you’re feeling sad right now try to smile/ exaggerate your laugh, you’ll feel at least a little bit better.

24. I’ve been trying to be a minimalist but I can’t let go of shopping. I still love nice clothes and designer bags. It’s not bad to reward yourself from time to time.

25. Massages are the best thing ever. Have you tried a four-hand massage? If you haven’t, you must! Heaven on Earth!

26. I don’t want to be a super successful person, I just want to be happy.


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