Wisteria Flower Park in Hyogo

Aside from Ashikaga Flower Park and Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka, I’m sure there are plenty of spots for wisteria viewing in Japan. Wisteria or Fuji in Japanese is at best during the month of May. Thanks to Japanese garden geniuses who created flower parks in Japan, a lot of people can enjoy sight-seeing more. My sister who isn’t really into flowers got interested in wisteria so I asked her to take photos for me so I could share it with you. My family live in Hyogo prefecture so the nearest wisteria park would be in Oomachi, Asago.

 Going to Oomachi from Himeji, you have to take the train to Wadayama. From Wadayama, you could either take the bus (with strict schedule) or get a cab. For more info, you can check here (it’s in Japanese tho). I’ve never been to Oomachi or Ashikaga but I’m so happy that my family and Kaila did. Every time they travel (and blog about it), I always feel like I’m part of their journey. I hope I made you feel that way as well.

Special thanks to my sister, Coleen for the photos

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