My Favourite Matcha in Manila

Hi guys! Just want to share my favourite matcha spots in Manila. When I’ve moved back to Manila last year, I felt like I’m going to miss Japan so much that I have to find places that will make me feel like I’m still there. Although it wasn’t easy, here’s my top 5 matcha fix.

Seolhwa Bingsu – for their to die for matcha bingsu/ shaved ice with almonds, roasted cashew and mochi

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf‘s matcha latte – this is too good! I love that it has a little bit of bitter taste like real matcha.

Starbuck’s matcha latte if I want something sweet!

Le Petit Souffle – I actually forgot which matcha dessert we tried, it’s been a while since I’ve visited! Now, I want to try their matcha latte with matcha softee. Google it! Noms!

The Peninsula Manila‘s matcha tiramisu. This treat is kind of expensive but totally worth it. You must try!

Photo taken at my recent trip to Kissako 

Here are some of the cafes with matcha on their menu that I’ve tried / wanna try soon: St. Marc’s CafeScout’s HonorCafe ShibuyaMochiCream CafeKozuiKissako (I’ve recently tried their matcha parfait but I didn’t like the whipped cream part, most people liked their latte though!) and Churreria La Lola (matcha churros OMG). There are so much cafes that serve matcha in Manila and I just can’t wait to try them all. My top 5 is my top 5 though, nothing could go wrong!

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