Things To-Do in Japan During Rainy Season

Hi guys! Just sharing some things to-do in Japan this rainy (tsuyu) season aside from adoring hydrangeas of course. That’s the number 1 thing on my list though.

  1. Children’s festival at Shimokitazawa which I’ve stumbled upon in 2014.
  2. Best time to go cafe hopping since it’s raining, why not go out and stay indoors at the same time?
  3. July in Japan is the second best time to go shopping. So much sales!
  4. Visit exhibits! Have you seen / heard of Sailor Moon exhibit in Roppongi? Check Kaila’s blog for more.
  5. Write a journal. So jealous of Kaila’s attention to details whenever she writes / make collages thru her hobonichi.
  6. Dress up in rainy day clothes. Bring out YO RAIN BOOTS, gurl! I’m sure I’ll be wearing my sukajan from JapanLover.Me Store a lot more this season.
  7. Make use of seishun 18 kippu (unlimited JR train travel pass) and go everywhere.
  8. Eat curry ramen. It’s my fave!

Here’s a list (more things to-do) from my friends over JapanLover.Me team. Follow them on Facebook for more tips like this. What else do you want to-do during rainy season (even in your hometown or wherever you are right now)?


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    July 4, 2016 at 10:05 am

    I love everything! <3 Sayang ngayon lang ito! 🙂
    PS: Babalikan kita, Roponggi! Haha

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