Purikura in Osaka

I’ve only spent a few hours with Jessica during our trip to Osaka since she has to return to Nagoya on my first official day in the city. So I told them we need to document that day thru purikura of course! No Japanese girly date is ever complete without it. After eating gindaco (my fave takoyaki brand), we went straight to take purikura.. This is what the end result looks like! It could be divided into 3 sets. One for me, one for Jessica and of course one for Sachi.The Japanese girls took a long time fixing themselves and we’re like, let’s do this and just “pray” for a good result. Hahaha! 
Emma-chan is too cute!
Seishun Kakumei’s Jessica and Sachi Spot Sonia!This is also too cute! I bet Dolly Kaye will love this!There were gachapons all over the placeUntil next time! I really want to try Risa Nakamura’s purikura next time!

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