Tanbara Lavender Park

I’ve been following a lot of Japan-related Facebook pages for a while now. And one of those is Tanbara Lavender Park page (玉原薰衣草園) which I though was located in Hyogo prefecture.. Apparently it could be found at Gunma prefecture about 2 – 5 hours away from Tokyo depends on which train you get on.We were in Saitama and used local trains (for cheaper but slower traveling) to Gunma  but you can also take the bullet train. Personally, I recommend this place for those who couldn’t afford going to /doesn’t have time to go to  Hokkaido. During winter, it’s a Winter Wonderland and for summer, (not only) a lavender park (but also a flower lovers heaven). They’re offering lavender soft-served ice cream and cremia (a famous ice cream brand using langues de chat as cone)There were various of plants I’m not familiar to (but I would like to know about)One of the biggest surprise of the day ~ sunflower fields!

Tanbara Lavender Park is actually very tourist-friendly. You can know more about the place here (English version). Hope you like this post!

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