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 I still have lots of photos of Kaila and myself from our recent sukajan shoot and I want to share everything as much as possible.Hopefully you want to see them too?  For those who are asking me for a discount, here’s your chance!

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 Japanese Vintage Geisha Sukajan

Kaila made a video about our Sukajan shoot. Watch it at rainbowholic.tv <3 She also made a blogpost on how to style Japanese Souvenir Jackets (here).

KOJLM team interviewed the designer of Shishumania. Read and be inspired, here.

Trivia: Did you know that the sukajan (Japanese souvenir jackets) originated in Yokosuka? It’s a American naval base in Kanazawa prefecture. Foreign soldiers used to have these souvenir jackets made as a memoir at the end of WWII. Traditional Japanese designs are usually hand-stitched into the back (sometimes on the sleeves and front as well) of the jackets.

All Sukajan / Shishumania caps are from Japan Lover Me Store

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