My First Business Class Experience ☁️✈️👫

Just wanted to share my first business class experience with PAL (Philippine Airlines) which happened October (2015) last year. As usual, I got shy to do a blog post about it (I was overwhelmed). Right now, my phone has over 14,000 photos and I needed to delete some. Thus, I’m back tracking all good memories I had and thought it would be nice if I would share them.. We got the 9:55 am flight from Manila to Haneda. As we entered the plane, we were welcomed with Mabuhay Fruit Punch Manila Blend, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Juice. Guess which one I chose? I usually travel on economy class (see my Budget Travel Guide 3 days / 3 nights for Osaka here) since it’s cheaper and kinder for the environment. But boy, comfortable seats and other perks (CHECKED baggage allowance is two pieces, each not exceeding 32kg, business class service, complimentary inflight meal and beverages, 125% Mabuhay Miles Credit, Priority Check-In, Lounge Access) are just too good to be true.

..and the list goes on. At this point, I was convinced that if it’s not business class, I wouldn’t travel again. EVER. Hehehe of course I’m just kidding! The 4-hour ride seemed like 4 minutes with the comfy seats. I usually get back pains whenever I travel but on this trip.. I was ready to say “what massage?”, “I probably don’t need it”. By the way, it wasn’t Justin’s first time to experience business class but it’s okay. Just pointing out the obvious reason why the post was titled that way. Hehe! Next, the food!!Manila – Haneda


Gyuniku Yahatamaki and Asparagus with Lime Slice


Oroshi Soba with Ground Raddish, Sliced Green Onions, Wasabi Paste and Tsuyu Sauce


Gindara Teriyaki

with uni rice


Pickled Takuwan, Takana and Shibazuke


Miso with Bean Curd


Ichigo Daifuku

On our usual fashion, I picked Japanese set meal while Justin chose the Western one. In case you’re wondering about Justin’s meal it was composed of Beef Sinugba Skewers with Salsa Verde by Fernando Aracama, Sourdough Roll, Hovis Roll and Olive Herb Focaccia Slices with Butter, Oven-baked Chicken in Morel Sauce with risotto cake (W) by Clifton Lyles, Beef Adobo sa Tuba with crispy shallot fried rice (F) by Fernando Aracama. And of course I can’t really remember how good the food was aside from my GINDARA (which was breathtakingly delicious). *sigh* I need a trip to Little Tokyo!

DessertsFor dessert, we both got strawberry mochi and Carmen’s best ice cream in different flavours. WHICH WAS BOTH SO NOMS! Check my previous post about this trip (Tokyo 2015 Part 1 – Roppongi and Omotesando) here. Hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’m getting very forgetful lately. Just yesterday, I had a mental black out while I was creating a journal. I couldn’t remember what I did last Monday, I even forget what day it was. It was rather sad. If you have any suggestions on how to avoid “forgetting”, please help a friend out? Love you! x

PS. Carmen’s Best ice cream is really THE BEST

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