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I just realised how bad I was in travel blogging when I checked my site for glitches, I noticed that there were almost nothing on my travel tags so I’m trying to fix it and maybe share some memories if I could still remember them. I didn’t even share enough about my Malaysia post last year, I’m always about Japan, Japan, Japan and I feel bad for all the other places I went to. So I’ll start sharing about my travel diaries in Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Sydney), hope you’ll like them!

 Wearing: sly coat, paint it red dress, forever 21 necklace, nude via markethq heels

One of the places we visited in Brisbane is Mount Coot-tha Lookout. It was kind of foggy when we hiked up. It has the best over-looking view in the city. And somehow, it reminded me of Tagaytay.  Hello, Queensland! <3My aunt took my photo and it wasn’t aligned 🙁 Transportation system is Australia was a little difficult for me. I’m used to solo-traveling in Japan and I felt limited in Brisbane (especially). We usually drive around the city despite the very costly parking or take the bus or trains which were not that convenient at all.  Some malls in Brisbane close at 5pm and there’s nothing much to buy so I definitely saved a lot during this trip.

 Since my aunt (actually I have some relatives in Sydney and Perth as well) who was living in Brisbane that time asked me to stay longer, I was all over Queensland for a month and a week in Sydney. I wanted to go to Brisbane but I think I was scared to travel alone in a new place? I’m not so sure why I didn’t do it.  I was so thin back then!   My favourite in Brisbane are their museums Out of all the cities I’ve visited, I must say Brisbane could be similar to Kobe or Yokohama but not really. I loved my stay there since I was with my relatives but I also felt like, there was nothing much to do.  I wish to go back to Australia really soon to see my not so new born cousin and relatives of course. They’re living in Perth now. So I’ll probably visit Sydney and Perth the next time that I’d visit. I’m dying to see Melbourne though. Are there any other places you’d recommend?

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