Would You Like a Cup of Tea? πŸ΅β˜•οΈπŸ‚πŸ

22981077500_5c6ca60948_oThis is another how my week went kind of post as I’ve seen that you liked the last one. Here’s a brief recap what I watched / ate / craved /etc. last weekend.

Wearing (on the photo): GU sweater, earth music & ecology dress πŸŒŽπŸŽΌπŸŽ—

Watched: K-pop videos. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t listen to K-pop but when I was at the Kawaii PH garage sale last weekend. My friends played some music videos and I ended up liking them. Should I welcome myself to this whole new world? 🌎

Ate: San Guo La Mien steamed dumplings and noodles (Lucky Chinatown Mall), Jollibee chicken joy and sour cream fries, random things at Box Park Congressional Avenue, Pho Hoa Vietnamese noodles and spring roll, Melona, Chopsuey that I cooked, Adobo (hat Justin cooked, Hokkaido Melon Pocky that I bought from Kansai International Airport as a omiyage (souvenir) for Kawaii PH team (I ended up eating one as well hahaha)

Bought: iPhone 6 case, stickers and stationeries at 168 Mall in Divisoria (it’s my first time there in years, I’m so thrilled and I would love to go back again soon)

Feeling: Happy with my Journaling Club growing. We have a new member, Krissy. Check out her first blog post about it here. I’m also excited for all our Kawaii PH events in October (we have THREE for you guys). Thankful for my friends (Mica, Kaye and Francis)! They helped me for my previous post so much. I’m also super proud for Chichi’s second workshop held at Kawaii PH HQ last Saturday. And last, I’m super excited for Abbey Sy’s book launch “The ABCs of Journaling” this coming Saturday. Hope to see you?

Dreaming: For Candy Kawaii Lover shop, Rainbowholic Shop,  Kawaii PH Store and Japan Lover Me Store <3 New travels! Hope I can go to Taiwan as well – Kaila’s epic Taiwan post is 😍😍😍. And of fall foliage.πŸπŸ‚

Wanting: To shop for more stickers, stationeries, washi tapes (I actually bought pokemon washi at Rainbowholic shop) – Where should I buy? Any suggestions? I also want to watch Train to Busan just because I’m curious. Should I?

Coveting: Faber Castell x Karl Lagerfeld limited edition art box. It’s Β₯350,000 though so I don’t think I’ll own one EVER. At least in this life time.

Thinking: Do simple things make me really happy? And the answer is YES. I’m a very shallow person actually, I don’t need much. I can be happy about anything most especially if you’ll show me that you care for me. As in genuinely care. I grew up without my parents (they’re abroad) since I was 9 (my dad left for Japan) and my mom did too when I was 12. I’ve taken care of my 4 younger siblings but who’s gonna take care of me? That time, I had no choice but to act like an adult. And even if I’ve received the best luxuries (from my parents) in life, I still feel insecure sometimes whenever people make me feel that I am not needed. Most of the time, I like being affectionate to people who are close to me and distant to others. It’s definitely an introvert problem. I also have a terrible need for receiving affection that’s why I think it’s very easy for people to make me laugh. Sometimes, I make an effort to laugh really hard to make myself happy too. I’ve read somewhere that faking a smile is the best way to be happy instantly. Your muscles will be forced to make a small curve in your face and I bet you’ll just laugh at the thought of it. Ta-da! Instant way to smile. Ahhh I think too much.. not again..😞

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