Outdoor Products x Pacman Game Night 👾

Outdoor ProductsOutdoor Products collaborated with Bandai Namco to celebrate the arcade classic game Pacman’s 35th anniversary by releasing a back pack and sling bag collection. 🎮

📍A SPACE Makati

Outdoor Products back pack squad! On the hot spot was of course OP x Pacman collab bag printed with game grid with some colourful ghosts. 👻👻👻What is a game night without food? 🍕These 🍪🍪🍪 are too cute for meAhhh and cupcakes 🍒I wanted to take one of these arcades home! 欲しい (*^_^*)Winning or losing? 🎱
Trivia: Did you know that Outdoor Products initiated this back pack style?Sarah TironaI’m Sarah’s number 1 fan haha Rachel was so pretty to be eaten by Pacman! I scored 26 balls in this LIVE Pacman game. *so proud* HAHASling bag versionAva with life-sized PacmanFun night with Yna, Arnie, Ava and Deo ^~^ Thanks Karl for the pic!O O T D + G I V E A W A Y  T I M E

Share us your “secret” hangout spot by posting a photo of your fave dish or the cafe itself (similar to my usual cafe posts) and win a bag from Outdoor Products!
1. Must be following @ashleydy and @outdoorproductsph
2. Caption: Share us about your discovery and tag me + your friends you want to bring / share this with. Hashtag: #HUNTTHENEXT #OutdoorxAshley
3. Multiple entries are allowed. Contest accounts are NOT valid. Must be your personal social media account. We will accept entries ’til Nov 7, 2016.

I’ll announce one winner (raffled from Instagram only) on Nov 8, 2016 ❤️ 頑張れ!

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