From The Bottom Of My Heart, Thank You!

chi_0357_Sorry for the late post! I’m a very bad blogger but since it’s Thanks Giving Day, I guess, it’s very apt for me to express my gratitude. Two weeks ago, Chichi and I hosted the Kawaii Stationery Party in collaboration with Moon Leaf Tea Shop (thank you so much Mike for letting us host our party at Moon Leaf!). At first it was just an idea that Kaila suggested and of course I personally supported. Blessings came pouring in when Mike (Moon Leaf’s PR) message me to host one of our events at Moon Leaf Maginhawa branch. It was a chat after another, we couldn’t settle until Chichi asked me to set an appointment with him. Along with Kaye and Francis, we literally talked about the party for a bit and it became an endless chat about K-pop and Japanese culture. I’m so happy that everybody clicked.

kawaii-journaling-workshop-poster-01Our pretty “teaser” poster by Chichi <3

chi_0238Happy girls <3

On the day of our workshop, I really didn’t know what to expect since we announced that it was a pretty chill event. I wasn’t nervous like my previous talks since I told myself, “imagine that you’re just going to journal with your friends”. And, magic happened. Haha! Thank you everyone for coming, spending your time and resources with us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much! Many of you are still asking about Kawaii in Manila 3, I hope next year too. For the mean time, I hope you can join our mini events every month. Our family is growing!

chi_0358Guys, you are all awesome. HUHU <3 Much love!

And of course, thank you so much to Kaye, Francis, Kaila and Chichi for being the best. I love you all.

Read Chichi’s blog for a more detailed post.

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