7 Things I Look Forward To This December

Ho ho, it’s that time of the month!
November’s nearly over. How fleeting! I still remember when I wrote  “6 Things I Look Forward To This November” post.

Christmas Parties

Aside from the usual, I’m also attending Coca-cola’s Christmas party event with Justin. They always spend way more than enough for their employees, so I think this party will be extravagant as usual. I will share them with you if you’re interested.

Blogger’s United

December 10! Mark the date guys! I’ll be selling my whole closet again. Hope you’ll love my stuff and hope to see you!

Trips to Tagaytay, Baguio and (not yet sure where else)

Traveling is my most favourite thing to do, next to writing? SO excited for my upcoming trips of course. I think I’ll never be the person who’d feel bored after visiting a place countless of times. I rarely feel bored when I’m by myself actually. Though sometimes when I need to talk about shallow things.. I tend to be.

Kawaii PH Year End Party

At Moon Leaf Tea Shop again. YAY for team North! Hehe! We will announce it soon!

Justin and I’s 7th Anniversary

We actually never celebrated on our Anniversary so I suggested that we do for a change. Any suggestions on how to make it special? Being together for 7 years is such a milestone, methinks.

Winter in Japan

Although I’m not in Japan (again), I’m thrilled to see winter photos of my family / friends who are in Japan. It will always be my second home no matter what.

Being more mindful on my choices

I’ve started sharing about Simple Living in this blog and I will continue to do so. Please don’t expect a complete paradigm shift, I’m not perfect. I’m slowly doing it.

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