Japan Winter Musts

Winter in Japan, what to do? Where to go? What to wear?

My Top 10 Things To Do in Japan During Winter: 

  1. Visit Shirakawa-go. My sister and I braved the winter cold and went here after New Year’s. We didn’t have any prior booking, it was just a “let’s go” moment. We missed their winter light-up but it’s highly suggested.
  2. Winter Illuminations. My top 2 so far are Kobe Luminarie and the one in Roppongi Midtown.
  3. Try the hot version of butter beer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan (USJ). I think it is also the most perfect time to visit since the attraction is filled with snow decors. You’ll feel the vibe more.
  4. Try to catch the evasive snow in Kyoto. Yes, it does snow in Kyoto.
  5. Best time to see Mt. Fuji with it’s snow caps.
  6. As suggested by my friend Allie, enjoy outdoor onset (rotenburo). Just imagine if it’s snows, the view  will be amazing for sure.
  7. There are also winter fireworks in Odaiba (suggested by my friend, Satchiko).
  8. Eat nabe (hot pot). It’s perfect!!!
  9. German Christmas market in Roppongi and Osaka (Westin Hotel Plaza). Kaila and I tried this before, the food is expensive! But we had an awesome time since we’re together. Aww.
  10. Ice skating in Yokohama (Red Bricks). The rink is tiny but it’s fun especially if you’re with your friends.

What to wear?

Do not underestimate Japan winter, it might be not that cold like other countries but still! I highly suggest going all out especially during mid-January until February. Bring your most-trusted coat, boots, gloves, muffler, ear muffs. What else? Wear tons of heat-tech.. or not! That’s just me since I don’t like wearing thick clothes.

Check this post for more.  
Of course, my most memorable winter was when we visited Takayama, Gifu prefecture. It was a completely different world for me. I super miss it tho, wish I can see snow every year.

Check my tips about solo traveling in Japan here. As usual, let me know if you have more questions. I’m always willing to answer them.

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