Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Sister, Coleen

Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I know inside and out.

Do you have someone in your life who’s annoyingly kind?

Do you have someone who’s willing to share her left hand gloves to you when you forgot yours?

Do you have someone who’ll allow you to exchange her comfy shoes when you stupidly insisted to wear high-heeled boots for outfit photos during a trip?

Do you have someone who have seen the worst of you, didn’t carry any grudges and treated you all the same?

Do you have someone who translates Japanese to English / Filipino for you when you ask them?

Do you have someone who can call anytime and answers?

That’s my sister to me. I’m not really sure why my parents named her Coleen Angella (and not me) but NOW, obviously it’s because that name fits her more. Being 5 years older than her, we didn’t really get along well since she’s became the family favourite ever since she was born. We have rough moments that she’ll always remember but she never made me feel awful about it. When she was in high school, she worked part time and studied at night. She entered university using her wits and even gained a partial scholarship in Japan. She’s definitely the person who I wanted to be when I was younger. A true inspiration. I’m super glad, I’m your ate (big sister in Filipino) and your my sis. We’re stuck for life *evil laugh* Love you always.


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