Where to find “Europe” in Japan?

Europe is definitely a whole new world for people like me who haven’t been there yet. It is definitely on my bucket list and I really wish to go next year (2017, please make it happen!). But did you know that you can taste a piece of Europe in Japan?

Nagasaki (it should ring a bell if you hear your history teachers well) was the last city in the world that experienced a nuclear attack during WWII. It killed approximately 40,000 people.

It also has been a center of Portuguese and Dutch influence from 16th to 19th century.     If you’ll visit Nagasaki, you’ll see a plethora of churches since it is also widely influenced by Christianity. Which is really surprising since when I’ve lived close to (emphasis on CLOSE) Osaka and Tokyo, it was really hard for me to find a church nearby. Until now when I visit, I am unable to visit the church regularly.

I digress. So where can you find “Europe” in Japan? The answer is Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki.

Getting There

Although JAL and ANA offer nonstop flights from Tokyo and Osaka, I highly recommend Peach Airlines (a low cost carrier based in Osaka). It’s definitely cheaper and cuter (hehe preference).

Where to stay?

Save – I always recommend airbnb if you just want a place to sleep since of course if you’re traveling, you wouldn’t want to stay indoors anyway.

Splurge – We stayed at Watermark Nagasaki, one of the top hotels in the area according to trip advisor. It was kind of expensive but definitely worth the stay. The rooms are super pretty! Since we are 7 in the family, we got two rooms. Hotels in Japan is very strict about this policy, you cannot squeeze in 7 people in one room even if it’s your personal preference. If I remember correctly we got a superior room and deluxe harborview. We also got a discount since we had a friend who’s working there as a chef before.

Watermark Hotel Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch

NagasakiWhat to see?

Aside from Huis Ten Bosch, there are so much things to see in Nagasaki. Here’s my bucket list (I seriously want to of next time) which I got from trip advisor:

Nagasaki Lantern Festival (January 28th-February 11th 2017)

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Mt. Inasa

Hashima Island

Nagasaki Electric Tramway

Glover Garden

Nagasaki Peace Park

Hypocenter of Atomic Bombing

Kujuku Island

Unzen Jigoku Hell

Former Glover Residence

What else can you recommend? Let me know!

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