Searching for Holiday Dresses

I’ll probably be reusing dresses for the holidays since I’ve already maxed out The Private Life of a Girl’s “5 brand new items per season” rule. Here are some dresses that was sent to me by online shopping sites, young designers, and some I bought from H&M (around 2013) and I really loved.

I know sometimes buying online could be a complete disaster, guessing about the sizes and all but I got lucky with these dresses that fit me perfectly. I’ve worn them over and over since I got them as well. This coming Christmas eve, we had a theme to wear something blue and I’ve made up my mind to wear a maxi dress that I’ve already worn for a wedding. You’ll probably see it on my social media sites on Christmas! I didn’t include it here.  

Here are some dresses given to me by shein this year and I’ve worn them a lot during events and even to my trip to Nara last summer. I was just thinking how perfect they are for the holidays when we are invited for a dozen of year end parties, etc. I think buying brand new items is not really bad, you just need to find the perfect balance. For example, putting a limit on how many clothes you should acquire for the season. Buying second hand (I already bought a couple of second hand clothes – like the romper I wore to Bloggers United event). I’m trying to restrict myself on buying brand new ’til next year since I’ve said I’ve already maxed out on my limit. Being a good consumer is not really about NOT CONSUMING at all (I think) since sometimes it’s unavoidable. As I’ve said, just find the right balance. For me, (so far) it’s been hard to restrict myself since when I was younger, my mom allowed us to shop a lot for the holidays. New outfit from head to toe and more. It’s really a challenge to change my shopping habit but Justin’s really been helpful. He’s been telling me how he only buys JUST ONE item for the holidays and that’s it. Although I’ve been telling him you can actually buy things if you need it since some of his clothes are really from way back (HIGH SCHOOL shirts) and  we’ve graduated high school in 2006 which was 10 years ago. I just think he deserves to buy anyway. What do you think? Let me know. I would like to know your thoughts about this please.

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