Travel Bucket List 2017

Every year, I usually share my first quarter goals on my blog and then forget to  write about second-fourth quarter ones. Just like in 2015. I like to use the word “goals” since writing about your goal on blog with an audience forces you to TRY REAL HARD so you can achieve your goal. But this coming 2017, I’ll use the term “bucket list” even if it’s annoying for some to make it easier for me to tick them off from the list once I’ve done them. So far I’ve done everything on this 2015 list and I just want to give myself a pat on the back even if people (especially my own family) didn’t believe in me (my dreams). And although I’m not the type of person who works well under pressure (like Justin), I’m doing my best to motivate myself to be more stubborn and just follow my heart. We are all responsible for our own happiness anyway.

This year I’ve visited many new places (with Justin) like Iloilo, Dipolog and Baler. All local! I was also in Japan last summer to visit my family in Osaka and Kaila in Saitama. We also visited Tokyo and Gunma together. When Justin told me that he’s planning to pursue law next year, he also asked me what I wanted to do and I said travel. Obviously we are polar opposites but fortunately we get along really well. Before I digress again, I’ll just share my travel bucket list for next year.

1. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – it will be our first travel adventure in 2017. We already booked our flights a few months ago. I’m super excited since it’s going to be my first time in Vietnam as well.

2. Osaka – One of the reasons why I’m lagging on traveling is because I always revisit places that I’ve been to but I just have to go home and see my family at least once a year. This is also already booked so excited to see Japan in spring again.

3. Niigata, Japan – My sister Coleen is working in a ski resort this winter and I’m looking forward to visit her. I’ll probably try to learn some winter sports as well. It might not be obvious but I’m really competitive when it comes to sports. I like winning even if I’m not really good at any sport.

4. Cebu – I promised myself to visit more local places in the Philippines and hopefully I get to go to many places in 2017.

5. Paris – will always, always be on my list. Please 2017, make this happen.

6. Jeju, Busan, South Korea – I’ve already been to Seoul a few years back and although I don’t mind revisiting, I also want to explore other places. I’m into watching k-dramas lately so I’m interested in visiting their shooting locations and recreate drama scenes. HAHA! Yes, I’m that type of fan.

7. Singapore – Not really sure why I haven’t visited SG when it’s super close to the PH and I have friends living there.

8. Taiwan – I’ve heard that this country is so similar to Japan and Korea thus I’m really curious! I want to go to Jiufen specifically since I’m a big Ghibli supporter.

9. Misibis Bay – hashtag love local.

10. Perth, Sydney, Australia – Although I’ve been to OZ few years back, many things changed and I want to see my family / friends living there again.

Ahh. I’m so excited to make this happen! Wish me luck?

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    March 20, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Woah! Thats such a great bucket list Ashley, I would love to go back to Japan sometime. Meanwhile, I really hope to see you in Melbourne in 2017, do let me know whenever you plan to visit. 😀

    xx Aditi
    Diary of a Cusp

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