Thank You, 2016! New Year’s Resolutions?

I might be 11 days late on posting this but still! I would like to say thank you to the people who made my 2016 better! <3

 2016 was a blessing in disguise. I might have forgotten a lot of memories since I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos but.. seeing my relationships with my closest people.. I think this is the best year I’ve been as a human being. I always judge things on the surface, I can’t even start this post since I can’t find a perfect cover photo (I’m still the obsessive compulsive person that I was last year) but I’m slowly learning how to let things go. Just let them go.

My life is easiest when I moved out and rented an apartment alone since I don’t have to deal with people that much. I just have to go to work, smile a little, talk to my boyfriend over the phone, meet my friends on the weekends and visit my family every during vacation. It was very convenient for me to show what I just wanted to show, to be in the moment and forget my problems while I’m with the people I love. But being close to people, it’s never easy. To have a successful relationship, you have to accept people for their flaws and vice versa. And being used to being alone and having long distance relationship with everyone, it’s a little bit difficult for me to adapt. I usually don’t know how to react on situations I’m not familiar with (one of the reasons why I hate surprises). Even though I’m a people pleaser, I’m a very transparent person (which is not always a good trait). For example, I can’t hide whenever I’m disappointed. No matter how hard I try, people always see through me. When they notice, I’ll be even more upset because I want to hide my ill feelings and just let it pass.

Anyway here are some lessons I’ve learned throughout the years and hopefully, you can learn from as well?

Let it go. 

The things that are bothering you? It will pass.

The items you covet but couldn’t? You’ll surely forget about them.

Learn to control your emotions.

Not everyone is sincerely listening, some are just up for the show. You don’t owe any one an explanation.

Go with the flow. 

You can’t control everything (aside from yourself of course).

And here are my New Year’s Resolutions as requested by Justin (haha) – it’s quite similar to everyone’s resolutions but OH WELL


In 2016, I lost all my motivation to exercise. I think I’ve said this before but I used to bike for 1 hour and 20 minutes when I was still living in Japan. Here in Manila, almost.. never. We have a stationery bike at home though, I must put it to good use. My body is unlike before and I feel sad about it. I have to regain my strength.

Blog more

I’m a forgetful person, I usually cheat and peek through my blog whenever I can’t remember certain events. So if I don’t blog about it, I usually don’t have any memory of it. It’s so bad, I swear!

Be less shy

Well… I hope

Create more

I should start a new hobby aside from my journal hehe

Don’t be afraid to try something new

I always visit the same places, repeat the same hairstyle, etc.

Learn a new language

Maybe Korean? Ottoke?

What else? Let me know what you think as always!

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    January 12, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Paano kaya yun new hairstyle noh!!! Wah! 😀 And yes to a more fit year, wish ko din yan kaya ako nag lifetime membership sa gym na di ko naman pinupuntahan HAHA

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