A Room With A View: Hotel New Otani Osaka

Hello from my room with a view at Hotel New Otani Osaka! I just thought that it deserves a separate post since we were pampered by this hotel during our 2 night stay. I arrived KIX (Kansai International Airport) at around 8:30pm Japan time. I took the Kansai Airport Rapid Service (JR Line) right away. It takes about 65 minutes from KIX to Osaka Station. From Osaka Station, Hotel New Otani Osaka is four stops away (Osaka-jo koen Station) via JR Loop Line. The train that I took fortunately is stopping at Osaka-jo koen Station, I don’t have to transfer. It was already 10:20pm when I arrived at the hotel. It is also 5 minutes walk from the station. Luckily, I’ve already been in that hotel last summer so I didn’t get lost unlike my co-travel mates from Indonesia who went round and round the park. Just imagine, it was 8 degrees on a cold winter night.

*Osaka-jo koen = Osaka Castle Park 

A superior twin room at the 8th floor with the view of Osaka castle welcomed me. Tadaima! I always get questions like where to stay in Japan? I never really have to stay in a hotel since my family live here but I hope this post would help! I always go to tripadvisor for research prior to my flights so I’m really thankful that Hotel New Otani Osaka has the Certificate of Excellence badge and currently (as of January 25th, 2017), the top 16th hotel in Osaka.

*Tadaima = I’m home

They prepared some souvenirs for us like this beauty kit and a limited edition tote bag that I’ll show you below

img_7332Ohayou! I was up by around 6:00am thanks to my alarm but slept through it until 7:00am. I have to fix myself (hair and make-up) because it’s rude not to look presentable in Japan. A shuttle bus going to USJ will be waiting for our media group from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia by 9:15am at the lobby. Check out my 17 reasons to visit USJ this 2017 post here.

*Ohayou = Good Morning (informal)

My view! You can read more about Osaka castle here.


  They gave us a super breakfast at SATSUKI restaurant located at the lobby. I brought my dad with me so we can have a meal together. He paid ¥3,900 for his buffet breakfast but mine was complimentary.

Universal Studios Japan x Hotel New Otani Osaka collaboration tote bag. So cute! I can use this every single day.

Here’s a photo I took at Hirakata-shi, Osaka where my sister lived during her college days.

After years of traveling (whether it is solo or with companion), I finally found my preferred way to fully enjoy my trips. Just a disclaimer, I don’t travel like this usually but it is MY PREFERENCE. If I could afford it, if I have a choice, if I don’t have to think about the person who’s with me during a trip, this will be my IDEAL way to travel. Here it is:

For 1-4 hour airplane rides: travel via economy, For more hours: travel via business class

For accommodations, it could be any of the following: a room with a view, a cute airbnb, a boutique hotel, ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), a unique home stay experience

For traveling around the city: For 30 minutes or less, cars or buses; for 30 minutes or more, trains (On my recent trip to Osaka, I felt nauseous during our 1 hour + bus rides)

My travel style: just chill, no strict itinerary, it could be nature or city, cafe hopping, visit the usual tourist spots once (depends on the country), minimal to zero shopping

Clothes: comfy sneakers are a must and maybe I’ll sneak in some pair of heels just for photos (hehe)

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