How To Get A Japan Visa

It’s the time of the year when everyone’s already preparing for Cherry Blossoms season! I personally couldn’t wait!

This is a repost from / I took the photo above in Naoshima, April 2014

As you would know, Japan Embassy in Philippines doesn’t accept Tourist Visa applications via walk-in. You need an accredited agency to process the visa for you. In my case, I went to Reli Tours to process my visa for me. They have multiple branches in the metro but I opted to go to their Dusit Thani Hotel branch in Makati because it’s near my office. These are their numbers: 632-893-9226/ 0906-280-6666

In most of my calls with them, a Filipino-speaking Japanese operator will talk to you and help you with the process. I applied for a Tourist Visa w/o a Guarantee Letter. If you will apply for a Tourist Visa with Guarantee Letter, you will need to submit additional requirements and a different handling fee (a little more compared to the regular Tourist Visa). The requirements are as follows per Japanese embassy which the agency will require: (Tourist Visa w/o guarantee letter)
☑️ Philippine Passport (It should be valid for more than 6 months before expiration from the time you leave and go back to the country.) The agency will warn but proceed processing your visa application even if you do not meet the above requirement. However, you might encounter problems with the Philippine immigration upon leaving the Philippines
☑️ Visa Application Form (The agency already has a copy for you to use. You may also print it if you want.)
☑️ Photo (2×2 photo and must be pasted on the application form. I submitted 1 copy with a white background. Do not choose the Japan visa format picture advertised in some studios. That is not the required photo. Use 2×2 photo only.)
☑️ Birth Certificate of Applicant (Original copy from NSO
I applied for a birth certificate online. It costs Php 315 and it will be delivered after 2-3 working days. You may pay in BDO branches.)
☑️ Daily Schedule / Itinerary (There’s a format for this. I don’t think you need to strictly follow everything you write here. But the embassy would like to know your activities during your stay in Japan. Here’s my Osaka Budget Travel Guide for 3 Days and 3 Nights in case you need help. -Ashley )
☑️ Bank Certificate (There’s no monetary requirement given by the embassy. I think the goal of the embassy is to check whether you have the capability to survive during your stay in Japan.
A bank certificate will range between Php 50-100 depending on you bank. You can do it over the counter in your account branch.)
☑️ ITR (Form 2316) I submitted a photocopy of the latest ITR document. Obviously, they want to know if you’re employed and paying taxes.
☑️ Employment Certificate (This will let the embassy know that you are employed and gives them assurance that you will come back after your vacation. Ensure that your Employment Certificate indicates your role, start date and tenure, contact number of your HR, address of your company and salary.)

Actually, Japan tourist visa is free. I paid Php 1,200 (Note: It’s only Php900 now) for the processing/handling fee of the agency. It will take 5-7 working days before you can claim your passport and know whether your visa is approved on not. In my case, they told me that they will call after 5 days if my passport is ready. But they didn’t call so I did the initiative of calling them. I think when I got there and signed in their record book, all those who applied (around 20+) have successfully received a tourist visa. Since I explicitly said that I will be staying for 10 days, I was granted a tourist visa for 15 days with a validity of 3 months. The news about Japan relaxing their visa requirements is really true. You just need to make sure that you have all your requirements with you. And everything will be fine!

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    Hi Ashley!

    You’ve been to Japan several times right? Have you ever tried applying for a multiple entry visa? If yes, how was your experience with it? I’d love to know as I want to try my luck when I apply again this May! Thanks! 😄

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