Once Upon A Time

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last personal post here, I was in a middle of a cross road, between continuing to write about “personal” stuff here or just maintain all the travel articles. Of course I wanted to keep the travel theme going but at the same time I really enjoy all blabbering in written form. 

My love for Japan started when I was 12. My dad has been working here since I was 9 and on my first trip, I already fell in love with it. Every year since then, we visit Japan for (summer in the Philippines) spring or winter break until my family  moved here while I was still on my last year in university. I was determined to finish my degree thus I spent one more year in Manila all by myself.

The first thing I did on my first day in Japan was to search for some fallen cherry blossoms and let them dry. I gave it to my elementary best friend. By the way, did you know that I had a massive collection of Hello Kitty (wall clock, shower head, earrings, clothes, shoes, bags, stationeries, everything), it’s gross. Haha! I might have outgrown collecting things (I kind of have that millennial attitude of “collecting memories not things”) but my love for everything kawaii remains.

When I was a kid, I have little to no friends. Haha! It’s kind of true I guess? My grandfather was strict and he wouldn’t allow me to play with other kids outside. I have adopted that along the way and when we moved to our own place, I wasn’t that fond of playing outside anymore. I’ve already embraced being a “loner”, playing paperdolls, writing stories, studying and everything else just by myself. I also cook and bake a lot for my family when I became a teenager.

My fave book was The Little Prince obviously! I live by all the lessons I’ve learned from it. Now, I like reading biographies of successful people. Haha! I’ve read about Steve Jobs, Patti Smith, etc.

My father has a Chinese heritage thus our surname “Dy”. We don’t really practice Chinese tradition but at the same time we aren’t the traditional Filipino (I was born and raised in the Philippines btw just in case you’re a new reader) family at all. I can probably describe my family as “modern” free spirits. I’ve learned to be independent, self-reliant and selfless from them.

Even though I grew up in a tropical country like the Philippines, my style was already weird since I was in grade school. I like to mix and match everything. And then probably in order to conform with everybody else, my style became simple, I liked wearing sleeveless clothes (my arms were darker than the rest of my body). Haha! However growing up, it has become more and more evident that my taste was influenced by Japanese style.

In college, I defined my style as inspired by Jenny Humphries and Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. I would wear headbands and different coloured tights to class. One day, I wore blue tights and everyone called me smurfette. Who cares though?

I was into Dashboard Confessional. Hands Down! Haha! Now I’m still experimenting but I kinda like Electrelane.

How about you? What were you like when you were younger? Do you also have a Japan story? A country you fell in love with aside from your own? Hope you enjoyed this post!

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