8 Things To-Do in Nara Aside From Visiting Deer Park

Aside from playing and feeding the deers at Nara koen / park, there are so much more things to-do in Nara. I’ve been to Nara twice (summer and autumn) but I just can’t get over it yet.

Autumn is definitely the perfect time to go. Somehow the cool breeze helps us to go on with all the walking.

Tip: If you hate the heat, skip going here during July- August. It’s scorching hot! It will be a little bit cooler from September – October. 

Hello deer <3

Even the deers are hiding from the sun

Playing with Bambi
It’s so relaxing to be here.


Things to-do in Nara (not deer related):

  1. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Everyone drops by Todai-ji Temple during a Nara visit.
  2. If you’re looking for a cozy cafe near the park, try Mellow Cafe.
  3. For an off the beaten path experience, go to Isuien Garden.
  4. Upon going to Todai-ji Temple, you’ll be passing by Nara National Museum. It’s also worth dropping by if you’re interested in museums.
  5. Explore Mount Kasuga Primeval Forest. It’s too beautiful especially in autumn!
  6. Try Mahoroba Daibutsu pudding. You’ll see it all over the station. It’s one of Nara’s popular souvenirs. Noms!
  7. You don’t have to go to Ashikaga Park to see wysterias. They have it Manyo Botanical Garden. Wisterias are in bloom by the end of April to May.
  8. Climb Mount Katsuragi for their Azalea garden. A must for flower lovers like me! There’s also a cable car available as an alternative.

Such a cute cafe (I wish I could explore more cafes in Nara on my next visit)No deer was harmed in this photo You can actually feed the deers with sembei (Japanese rice crackers). The deers in Nara are pretty tamed but some of them are hangry (eating pamphlets, etc). I feel kinda bad. I hope I can do something to improve their situation tho. They really are majestic creatures- so kind and loving. My brother even played with them, tease them but they never fought back.

We got some crunky ice cream right hereHave you been to Nara? What are your favourite things to-do here?

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