7 Things I Look Forward To This April

It’s April Fool’s tomorrow! Have you decided who to prank yet?

Hanami / Cherry Blossoms Viewing / Spring in Japan

My family already planned to go to Kyoto and Hiroshima (it’ll be our first time) next week and I can’t wait! I really made sure to go to Japan this season for this. Hanami is a gathering with your family or friends under the cherry blossom trees (or at least close to it) to celebrate spring season. Japanese people traditionally would sing praises for the blossoms but recently it has been all about socialising and drinking. Ahhh! I’m just grateful to be in Japan again.

A Trip to Tokyo

Aside from our trips to Kyoto and Hiroshima, my family will also be visiting Tokyo. Yay! Most of my friends are based in Tokyo so I really have no one to meet here in Kansai aside from friends who are visiting the area of course.

My Birthday Month

It’ll be on May but since my birthday is on the first I don’t really celebrate birthday month. It’s just a day then it’s over. Haha! So excited for it though nonetheless.

Taking Lots of Photos

Experiences over things. I have to repeat this phrase over and over for myself to properly induce it. I’m naturally attracted to beautiful things, shopping and everything visually pleasing. It will always be a struggle for me to live a minimalist life but hey, I’m still doing my best. However I don’t think I’ll ever be a Marie Kondo or a person you should look up to when it comes to minimalism, I feel like I always fail myself. This month I only bought ¥5,000 worth of second hand clothes. Haha!

Discovering Netflix

Believe it or not, I don’t really watch T.V. at all.. Until.. Netflix happened. I just usually watch Korean dramas online but that’s it. Now that I’ve discovered Netflix, I’ve seen Terrace House (1 & 2), old classic movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding (it’s my first time to watch it lol), animes such as Full Metal Alchemist and Kuroke No Baske (Kuroke’s Basketball). It’s a whole new world for me. What are your fave shows? Let me know!

 Visiting Cute Cafes in Osaka

Gone are the days when all the cute cafes are in Tokyo. We also have Gudetama, Pompompurin and Hello Kitty character cafe here. There are also a selection of owl and cat cafes here in Kansai.

Trying Out Japanese Beauty Products 

I don’t want to be bias but I probably am.. Even though I find Korean dramas superior to Japanese dramas. Japanese beauty products trump Korean beauty products for me. Thank you Shiseido for Maquillage (did you know that they have a Sailor Moon collaboration?), Shu Uemura, DHC, Kanebo, K-palette, etc.

What are you excited for this April? Share it with us. 

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    April 4, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Lucky you! You get to view cherry blossom x3 My birthday is on May too but I don’t really celebrate my own bday XD My favorite show is Attack on Titan it has the second season so I will always look forward!

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