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Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been sort of depressed lately (I wasn’t really sure why until I realised that I was either PMSing or suffering due to lack of sleep). So what do I do when I’m sad? I think about happy thoughts and I jot them down..

 I’m sharing some of my happy moments here:

  1. My skin is clearing up. I noticed that I had the ugliest skin when I got back from Vietnam last January. We’ve bought a “FLY only” flight for an 8 day trip and I unintentionally left all my skin care items thinking I won’t apply make-up anyway. I had my Canmake marshmallow powder on my carry-on bag though so I was tempted to use it and I did. It resulted to a REALLY bad skin. Lesson learned: NEVER ever leave your skin care items.
  2. I already received my passport. I had it renewed last March 27 and I was told by at the Philippine Consulate General in Osaka to expect 2-3 months.. (what! So I’m stuck here? I thought) Fortunately, I got it this morning. So excited to go back home, rest and travel again.
  3. Kyoto family time! My aunt from Australia went to Tokyo for their anniversary trip and I’m so happy they made time for us. We stayed in Kyoto for a night for some bonding time. We rented an airbnb room near Arashiyama and visited Fushimi Inari in the morning. I got to have my %Arabica Coffee fix! For some reason, I liked the one I tried before at the branch near Kiyomizudera.
  4. We took our grandparents to a shinkansen / bullet train ride and they ENJOYED IT so much, they preferred taking it than local trains now. HAHA! My grandparents are just simple people so they were delighted to experience this kind of “luxury”. In return, we are also joyful to see them having fun.
  5. Cherry Blossom season. It’s actually over now but we’re planning a trip to see wysterias. I’m hoping it pushes thru because it’s really hard to plan a family trip especially when everybody’s so different.
  6. My hair is back to dark brown / black. I was dreading my last colour. Dark brown / black is more like myself.

What makes you happy recently? Share it with me too?

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