My Top 28 Things To Do in My Bucket List

I’ve post about experiencing four seasons as one of my bucket lists on twitter and I get asked about my life bucket list. It’s my birthday in three days so I think it’s perfect to share about it now.

  1. Visit Kawachi Fuji-en / Wysteria Garden in Fukuoka, Japan. I’ve been to around 20 prefectures in Japan but I’ve never been to Fukuoka. Every place in Japan is different and magical to me, I think I’ll never get over. You can also check my 2017 travel bucket list post here.
  2. Explore Bali, Indonesia. I have some Indonesian friends and I keep on telling them that I’ll visit their beautiful country soon since it’s not so far from the Philippines but I never had the guts to visit new countries on my own. Japan is my comfort zone and I’ve solo traveled here countless of times but I just can’t do it in any other country even in my homeland, Philippines.
  3. Go to London. I almost visited London before when I won a contest then I got disqualified for not being Japanese even if I’ve stayed here for a long time and is considered as a resident here. It was a bittersweet story but it made me more eager for London.
  4. Learn Korean. I knowww, I’m so boring I won’t even write sky diving here. It’s just not my kind of thing. I’ve been learning many languages since I was younger. I was even fluent in Bisaya at one point but I totally forgot how to speak it. I can still understand it though. I also studied French in college and I can still read in French but I’m not confident in conversing it. I can speak Japanese but I’m not really good with reading and writing. Since I’m into Korean dramas lately, my next goal would be, learn Korean. Daebak!
  5. And go back and visit Seoul, Korea again. I’ve visited once before with my family but it’s        totally different now. There are so much more cute cafes to visit! I also want to go on a k-drama tour of course haha!
  6. Use my French skills in Paris. This is one of my childhood dreams, it just have to come true!
  7. Learn to swim and surf. I’ve tried surfing in Baler once and I must say it’s really tiring! For some reason, it also makes me really dizzy. I actually stopped because of it not because I’m tired. It must be the waves.. However, I still want to try it again.
  8. Join a reality show. Hahaha! My personality is rather boring but I liked watching Terrace House and it made me think.. How would I look like in other people’s perception? I could be rude, I could be plain, etc. I could be anything.
  9. Donate blood. I’ve been underweight for so long and it made me unqualified for blood donation but now that I’m on my right weight, maybe I could give this a try?
  10. Go on a Euro trip and visit Rome, Italy. I will indulge myself with all the food I can eat there.
  11. Visit my friend in New York. Going to U.S. doesn’t really attract me at all (I’m perfectly fine with visiting Japan or Korea every season) but visiting friends in a foreign destination excites me.
  12. Get a Master’s Degree. I don’t specifically standout in class but I really love going to classes that I enjoy.. which are mostly FLOATING subjects. Haha!
  13. If not, maybe I’ll get another degree in culinary arts. I would love to cook all my life if given a nice kitchen and tools. 😉
  14. Explore Greece. One of my favourite topics in class was Greek Mythology. I think I would really enjoy this country.
  15. Seriously learn how to paint. I’ve been gaining a lot of hobbies but I’ve never really mastered any of it. Such as shame but it’s okay.. I really had fun!
  16. Visit Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been hearing good feedbacks about this place from my friends who visited that it makes me want to be there in a zap.
  17. Go on a temple hopping at Siem Reap Cambodia. I almost visited Cambodia this year when we visited Vietnam but sadly it didn’t happen. Crossing fingers for a next time.
  18. Continue making clothes. I’ve learned how to sew before and I’ve been making my clothes too. Hopefully I can buy a machine soon.
  19. Support ethical fashion all the way. I’ll explain this better on my next post but you can read my previous post about giving up fast fashion here.
  20. Visit Prague, Czech Republic. Wow! There’s so much countries I’ve never been.. I feel so tiny right now..
  21. Go on an African Safari. I’ve been skipping zoos and aquariums since it was proven that it deppresses the animals.. so maybe going to a safari is okay?
  22. Swim with dolphins. I’m not sure with this one. It seems like a fun activity though. If anyone knows if this is right or wrong, just let me know.
  23. Visit Phuket, Thailand. I had a girly trip to Bangkok with my friend few years back but all we did was shopping. I also visited some of my relatives in the area, some temples and morning markets but that’s all. I want to explore more on my next trip.
  24. See the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey. This scenery is too beautiful in photos, I cry!
  25. Hoi An, Vietnam. When we visited Vietnam earlier this year, we went to Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne. These are both nice cities but I’ve been told that Hoi An is Vietnam’s Kyoto.. It’s an ancient town.
  26. Visit all the Disney Lands in the world. Right now, I’ve only been to Hong Kong Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea..
  27. Go on an island hopping in all of the Philippine islands. Wish I could visit all! Hahaha. For now, I would like to go to Siargao, Palawan and Batanes. So far I’ve only been to Aklan, Iloilo, Bacolod, Zamboanga, Quezon, mostly parts of Luzon. I feel like I’m a bad citizen right now.. Hehe.
  28. Be a really good human being. Emma Watson level. All her advocacies are similar to mine and I look up to her for that.

Cheers! Hope you like this post! I really enjoyed writing it! Share me some of your bucket list too?

Photo by Anne Kate Pinero

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    May 3, 2017 at 4:32 pm

    This is a heavy bucket list Ate Ashley, but you can do it! Ikaw pa? hahaha. No. 28 is the best among the list!

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    May 4, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Greece is also in my bucket list!! I really love Greek mythology <3
    I want to explore Japan more too :")) Daebak! I use that word a lot :p

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