7 Things I Look Forward To This May

Wow, it’s May. Whenever I write this kind of post, I always feel like I’m playing tug-of-war with time..

“何やってんの?” “What are you doing?” said the owner of the house while we’re taking photos 😂 He couldn’t go inside his house since we’re blocking the way.. Funniest/ most embarrassing moment today 😩 So we moved to the next house instead 

This is his house btw 🏡 Comfy and everyday flats from TRES (@tresshoesph on IG) <3 Thank you!

Ciao, April! Here are the things I’m looking forward to this month:

My Birthday Month

We had a simple dinner on my birthday. My dad cooked a mean steak and chili prawns (fave). I also had strawberry shortcake (it doesn’t taste that good but it’s ok). I’m happy! My actual birth time is May 1st, around 3:00pm. And I feel really lucky that it’s my birth date, I’m not sure if zodiac signs are true to life but I can definitely relate with being Taurus as a lover of aesthetics and beautiful things. Being born on Labor Day / a holiday / Golden Week (in Japan) / middle of Summer vacation (in the Philippines) means that nobody really could attend my party (if ever I throw one). Thankfully I’m an introvert, it doesn’t really bother me that people couldn’t make time for me. No joke. At the same time, I’m grateful of people who never forget to greet. Ever since I met Justin, he never fails on greeting me and pushing me to celebrate my birthday (haha even if I tell him that I don’t really want to). He’s the best gift from God. Mushy.. Haha.

A Trip to Fukuoka 

I’m finally crossing out Kawachi Fuji-en / Wysteria Garden on my bucket list. You can read my list here.

Going Home

I’ve been in Japan for 2 months now and I can’t wait to go home. I love Japan but there’s no place like home. I can’t say that I miss the Manila traffic though.

Beach Life

Going back to the Philippines means going back to island life. I’m not sure where to go yet but we are definitely planning to see some white sand. Hahaha! My friends / readers at instagram suggested Dumaguete. I’ve never been and I’m looking forward to go. Do you have any suggestions?

Checking Out New Cafes / Restaurants in Manila

I’ve heard that Tsujiri opened recently and there’s a kushikatsu place too.. Manila has so much potential and I’m excited for it.

Spring Cleaning

You can check out my instagram shop (here) if you want to but my preloved clothes / bags that I also bought as preloved goods in Japan.

Start Journaling Again

Journaling has a way to make me feel relaxed and less anxious so I need to go back to it stat.

What are the things you’re looking forward to this month? Share with us.


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