Our Kawaii Tokyo Guide E-Book Featuring Cute Places To Visit In Harajuku, Shibuya & Shinjuku

Our Kawaii Tokyo Guide E-Book by Kaila Ocampo, Ashley Dy (me) and Allie Principe is now available for purchase at Rainbowholic Shop! For this release, we’re featuring Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is the perfect guide for kawaii lovers, cute cafe hunters like us!


“Hi from Saitama! I’m now with Kaila working for Our Kawaii Tokyo. How to describe our OKT duties? It involves printing old-school polaroid ish photos of our whole Tokyo experience, maximizing Kaila’s beloved Totoro washi tapes and stickers, silly thick paper too huge for the scanner, writing endlessly ’til it suck up all our brain cells and all good kind of stress. I’m heading back to Osaka tomorrow and I’m surely gonna miss all of these but I’m super excited because it’s going to be another huge ashventure (short for Ashley’s adventures). In this post, you could find some old and new recap posts from Our Kawaii Tokyo.”
-Ashley, 2015
 Our Kawaii Tokyo
True enough, we made it like a scrap book / journaling style
Our work is to give you tips / suggestions about Our Kawaii Tokyo the most personal way possible thus the kawaii information booth (so you can ask us anything about Tokyo)
[Illustration by Keeshia / KITA]
 One of the most versatile cafes in Tokyo, The Guest Cafe & Diner is always featured in our blog
Purikura time! (Machines that make you look like an instant doll) When we were just starting Our Kawaii Tokyo blog, it was just Kaila and I. However, our real goal is to make a book but we couldn’t do as much.. We were so happy when Allie finally joined our team. She created all the amazing layouts (and art) you’ll see in the book!


So much has been going on in my life lately (family stuff, health problems, events, etc.) that caused me a lot of stress but I’m SO HAPPY (!!!) there’s OUR KAWAII TOKYO GUIDE E-BOOK. Such a joy to be finally announcing it’s release after TWO YEARS. You can get it for only ¥1,200 at Rainbowholic Shop until the end of June then it’ll go back to it’s original price (¥1,800) by July. Hurry! Get it now!

Here are some sneak peek if you want to see it before buying <3 

Kaila in Harajuku

It’s really tough to make this e-book since Tokyo changed so much for the past 2 years. Here are some of my Harajuku photos taken in 2015 when we were just starting Our Kawaii Tokyo:

Efuca cookies at Iromono pop-up booth in Laforet

Iromono‘s doily art wall – I’m a really big fan of all their artists

Me in Harajuku (throwback photo)

Wall Harajuku and their somehow spring/summer collection (2015) – just imagine Japanese and Japanese-inspired designers and their inner garment/ swim wear collection

Barbie in Laforet limited collection with some Harajuku brands

Spinns 2015 collection is also Barbie (and Disney) themed

Allie in Shibuya

Shinjuku and me

We also added some special tips for your personal needs so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this mini guide whether you are a toy lover, cute cafe hunter, fashionista, etc. We hope to make more guides in the future so please support our passion project by availing it! Hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

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