Blogging 101: Blog VS Instagram

Just got home from my first ever LEAP (Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program) class as a speaker! I’m so happy and thankful for this opportunity since I’m a Lasallian myself, giving back to my alma mater is such a huge honour.

Since not everyone (this event was an alternative class for Lasallians) can go to my talk, I’ll just share it here and I’ll also add my post-talk realisations.

About Me: How I Started My Blog 

I started “blogging” about my daily life thru multiply (it’s a ceased social media site similar to Facebook). I always wanted to write and it comes naturally. I was a writer for Ang Pahayagan Plaridel (Our Official Filipino Newspaper at DLSU) before. I started fashion blogging when I was doing my OJT (On the Job Training) and bored. Instead of being unproductive, I thought of taking photos of my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and post it at chictopia / (sites where you can upload your OOTDs). After graduation, I moved to Japan and my efforts of posting OOTDs paid off through magazine features. Since I am already in Japan and just studying for a year (more free time), I decided to start my very own blog (using where I shared personal experiences, travel and OOTDs. Just two years ago, I braved the odds and bought my own website through wordpress and hostgator.

Why Should You Blog?

Many young people dream of blogging and doing it as their careers and I’m not surprised. With blogging, you can be your own boss. When I was still working as a visual merchandiser at American Apparel Osaka, I didn’t have much free time and I couldn’t control my schedule. Blogging freed me from being stuck to a routine. Even though I still follow a schedule, I can easily move it around if I want to. Blogging is also a good way to maximise your time. For example, writing about your experiences after it happens is a good way to use your time. My blog saved me a lot of times whenever I forget something. Checking out my previous posts helped me remember things I did before and things I could change to be better. It’s a good way to track your progress. Blogging is a way of sharing and helping other people by giving them your suggestions, sharing them your first hand experiences or just by giving them entertainment with your posts. Blogging also gives your “interests” a home online. As a creative person I have too many ideas that I need to share. And last, blogging gives you an opportunity to grow your passion. If you do something over and over again, it’s just normal to be good at it and to gain opportunities from it.

Why Shouldn’t You Blog

If you just want it for the money or freebies

If you just want to be famous

If you just want to look cool

If you have no motivation to create new content

How To Start A Blog?

Start where you are. Just look around you and blog what can share. You don’t have to do “big things” right away.

Pick a platform: blogspot (highly suggested for beginners), wordpress

Optional (Advance Blogging): Get a hosting site (I’m currently using hostgator which I have to pay annually) and hiring a designer / web developer to help you customize your blog (Personally, I just did everything on my own with the help of my friends. I wanted to save money and at the same time I want to learn more about coding html, etc.)

Think of a domain name, it should represent yourself, must be unique, catchy and personal (my first domain name was CANDY KAWAII LOVER, which was a combination of my childhood nickname and what I was before)

Choose a niche and stick to it

  1. Fashion (Are you knowledgeable about the current trends? Are you into sustainable fashion? Do you love dressing up? Do you mind dressing up every day? How about taking OOTDs on a daily basis?
  2. Food (Do you like eating? Do you have a good judgement about which food tastes good or bad? Do you like trying out new restaurants and cafes? Are you aware of the current food trends?)
  3. Travel (Do you like exploring new places? Are you always outdoors on weekends? Can you support your travel needs? Have you traveled a lot before? Did you took a lot of photos? Do you have a good travel story to tell? Can you maintain your travel lifestyle?)
  4. Lifestyle (Are you keen in searching for the newest hot spots? Are you adventurous and open to anything new? Do you have a subtopic? For example, kawaii lifestyle or fitness? Can you do it regularly?
  5. Combination (You can combine two niches for example for OurKawaii.Tokyo, it’s kawaii + lifestyle)


How To Attract Readers?

Try writing listicles (13 reasons why.. 10 step Korean beauty routine.. My bucket list..)

Have a good photo quality (I used Canon 5d mkii when I was fashion blogging right now I’m using Canon M3, a lightweight mirrorless camera)

Write about the things you’re expert at (For me it’s Japan travel)

Have a good social media presence (have a nice instagram feed, update daily on Facebook, interact with your followers on twitter)

Blogging As A Career? 

I suggest doing it as a hobby / part time until you get enough projects to sustain your lifestyle.

If you really love doing it even if it won’t make you super rich, then go for it.

If you have the discipline to do it every single day

Blogging Versus Instagram

Use instagram to drive traffic to your blog

Never rely to instagram alone (unless you’re a big celebrity, you won’t earn that much)

Instagramming IS NOT Blogging.

Instagram is a form of micro-blogging. You can share your personal experiences there too.

To end this post, I’ll share you ASHLEY’s Blogging Tips:

Always give your 100% on your work. Be consistent.
Spend time on research
Have a blogging schedule
Love it (your work) even when under pressure
Experiment (try combining two niche)
You should always think on how your blog will help other people

Thank you guys for attending my very first LEAP! It’s a pleasure to know all of you! Hope you learned a lot and let me know if you have any questions!

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