Manila – Taipei – Osaka via Philippine Airlines

Last July 15, I was at Shangri-La Plaza Mall for Eiga Sai (Japanese Film Festival) with Ana and Ava when I receive a message asking if I can go to Osaka on July 19. I checked my schedule and I only have one event that week so I immediately said yes. HAHA! I’ve been to Osaka a lot of times before because I lived there but I haven’t really explored it to be honest. When you live in a certain place, do you get the feeling that you don’t want to travel around just yet since it’s just there anyway? It’s so funny because this trip brought me to a lot of places in Osaka (we also had a short stopover in Taiwan haha) that I’ve never been before. 

Our flight was 7:30am, July 19th, via Philippine Airlines (PAL). It has an hour stopover in Taipei so our estimated time of arrival in Kansai International Airport (KIX) is around 2:35pm. It’s a long ride compared to the normal 3.5 hours direct flight from Manila to Osaka but I WAS SUPER EXCITED because I’ve never been to Taipei! I really wanted to go, I swear.

We had two inflight meals. Breakfast was served when we were bound to Taipei and another one when we were going to Osaka. I’m really thankful for it because I don’t have a credit card so I can’t buy anything in Taipei if I get hungry. I chose the meal with rice so I’ll feel full.

There are also free water stations in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport just in case you get thirsty.  

Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

The Heart of Asia, my eyes on you!
This super duper cute! Tagging all my Hello Kitty lover friends!

Ahh I want an instax! And that’s all for our short Taipei stopover. I really want to go back and hopefully soon. When the weather’s nice! (Comment if you know the drama I’m referring to)

Kansai International Airport (KIX)

I’m back! I left Japan via KIX last May 19th and I can’t believe I’m back so soon!

Isn’t KIX one of the most *aesthetic* airports?

Tenjin Matsuri 

While we are heading to Umeda Sky Building, we chanced  upon the practice of Tenjin Matsuri / Festival, one of the top 3 festivals in Japan (along with Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and Kanda Matsuri of Tokyo). It is usually held during the 3rd /4th week of July every year.

Tenjin Festival started in the 10th century to honour Tenmangu Shrine and it’s principal deity Sugawara Michizane (the deity of scholarship).

The lolos (grandfather) were super cute!

 Umeda Sky Building
Would you believe that it’s actually my first time going in this building? I usually just pass this by since there is a stopover here for night bus going to Tokyo and vice versa (+ other destinations). I can still remember arriving here at around 6:00 am and just directly going home because I’m too tired from traveling. It takes about 8-10 hours via night bus from Tokyo to Osaka but I thought it’s so convenient to be on a night bus if you need your day time.

At the top of Umeda Sky Building is the Floating Garden Observatory located at the 39th floor. From here, you can see an aerial view of Osaka and neighbouring cities, Kyoto and Kobe.

Osaka station seems so tiny from the top!

Miniature version of Umeda Sky Building

Floating Garden Observatory is open from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm (entrance until 10:00 pm) and admission fee is ¥1,000

For me, it’s best to go before sunset (for the romantic ambience) until night time!

The Showa period-inspired basement of Umeda Sky Building

The basement is a floor inspired by the early Showa Period. It is mostly filled with restaurants.

Outside the restaurants, there’s a smoking area. That spot is said to be the best to take photos of the whole building (I was using 50mm lens so I wasn’t able to capture it though haha)

Tanabata decors outside the Umeda Sky Building

They still have tanabata decors when we visited.

Tanabata means evening of seventh. That’s why they celebrate it every year on the 7th day of the 7th month. It is also known as the Star Festival.

We were guided by a JTB Japan staff during this visit so it was faster and easier. After visiting Umeda Sky Building, we went to Dotonbori for dinner. I’ll show you more about it on my next blog post since this seems to be a lengthy one already. Haha! Let me know if you have any questions!

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