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    City Guide: Iloilo

    It was my first time in Iloilo and I love it so much. I wish I could live there in the future. Here’s my mini-guide for first timers like me.…

  • Voyage

    City Guide: Baguio 

    I’ve been to Baguio before twice or thrice (not really sure) but the first time I was really young and I can’t remember anything except for the memories capture thru photos and…

  • Voyage

    Autumn in Himeji

    Sharing my autumn photos in Himeji last year. It was breathtakingly beautiful. As usual I got caught up with everything and I forgot to share these photos. Haha!…

  • Voyage

    Aoyama Farmer’s Market

    Aoyama Farmer’s Market (青山ファーマーズマーケット) is one of my favourite weekend market in Japan. It is located at United Nations University (UNU).…

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    📍Checking In: Baler 

    This long weekend, Justin’s family and I drove to Baler, the capital city of Aurora Province for a quick escape from Manila. 🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎…

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      Kimono 🎎

    Spring in Japan IS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I AM NOT KIDDING! “If life is but a dream” is such a perfect description of it. To make it even more perfect, we decided to…