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Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been sort of depressed lately (I wasn’t really sure why until I realised that I was either PMSing or suffering due to lack of sleep). So what do I do when I’m sad? I think about happy thoughts and I jot them down.. Continue Reading


Once Upon A Time

Hi guys! It’s been a while since my last personal post here, I was in a middle of a cross road, between continuing to write about “personal” stuff here or just maintain all the travel articles. Of course I wanted to keep the travel theme going but at the same time I really enjoy all blabbering in written form.  Continue Reading


Niigata City Guide

I’ve written Niigata as one of the cities I would want to visit this year since my sister is currently working there but it seems like it won’t happen this trip. My family already planned to go to Kyoto and Tokyo and of course I want to be with them. Although, I would want to see more places such as Hokkaido and Nagasaki by May (my birthday month), nothing is final yet. Let’s cross our fingers together for that. For now, check out the rest of my travel bucket list destinations here.

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Checking-in from Hyogo Prefecture

IMG_0102_2Tadaima! (I’m home!) Back in Hyogo-ken (prefecture). Fun fact: I’ve lived in Japan for about 6 years and 3/4 of it was spent here in Hyogo-ken. But where is Hyogo-ken? Most of the people who ask don’t know much about it so as an introvert whenever I’m asked “where do you live?”, I’d usually just say Osaka or Kobe. Haha! Introvert problems. I don’t really like explaining things over and over. Anyway since this is a blog, I’ll answer your question properly in this post.

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