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    How To Make Your LDR Work

    Being in a 5 year long distance relationship is definitely something, most don’t even last for a week, some have given up on idea even if they haven’t tried it yet.…

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    {American Apparel cape, H&M Hong Kong metallic sweater and bag} “Don’t you see? It’s just not possible for one person to watch over another person forever and ever. I mean, suppose…

  • Voyage


    Flowers in Hong Kong are beautiful. I’ve never seen this kind in the Philippines nor in Japan. One moment we were in China… The next we are in Japan? Konnichiwa Ginza!…

  • Voyage

    Hong Kong Garden

    Photo by Zoe Suen of fashiononymous My family will be spending the holidays in Hong Kong/ Macau and of course I want to join them even though I’m already booked to…