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  • Outfit

    More Sukajan 🎎🐲🏮

     I still have lots of photos of Kaila and myself from our recent sukajan shoot and I want to share everything as much as possible.…

  • Outfit

    Japan Souvenir Jacket

    I don’t know about you but the colours reminded me of Gryffindor with a little hint of Ravenclaw. “You might belong in Gryffindor. Where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring,…

  • Japan

    Rainbowholic Yukata Date

    After taking a break, Kaila and I dressed up with our new kawaii yukata (summer version of kimono). It was 3:00pm when we decided to slow down and wait for the…

  • Outfit

    Green Dragons

    Kaila and I had a sukajan shoot today. We were planning for this before I went to Japan last month so I’m really excited to share this with you. So thankful to…

  • Voyage

    Checking-in from Saitama

    I’ve been running on with only two hours of sleep right now but I just want to update you guys that I’m here in Saitama with Kaila. Just a fun fact,…