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  • Voyage

    Checking-in from Hyogo Prefecture

    Tadaima! (I’m home!) Back in Hyogo-ken (prefecture). Fun fact: I’ve lived in Japan for about 6 years and 3/4 of it was spent here in Hyogo-ken. But where is Hyogo-ken? Most…

  • Japan

    Things To Do in Kansai (Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto) 

     Aside from the usual Universal Studios Japan, temples in Kyoto visit, I’ll share my experiences, favourite places to-go (and even some new places I want to visit) as a local in…

  • Fashion


      EMODA blazer / American Apparel scarf and belt / Murua shorts / Uniqlo top After a day of spending with my family, I am now in solace yet again. Thinking…

  • Cafes

    Cat Cafe Nyanny, Motomachi, Kobe

     I would love to thank Annika and Luci (who’s allergic to cats) for going at Cat Cafe Nyanny with me. You both made me so happy! I really love both of their English…

  • Japan

    Dazzlin Kobe

    I’ve been here way too many times but this trip is different since I’ll be touring my long lost twin sister, Camille, together with her crew mate, John. In Kobe, it’s what…