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  • Voyage

    24 Hours in Kyoto

    Last Tuesday (April 18), we stayed in Kyoto for a night with our relatives from Australia. It’s my first time to visit Kyoto for more than a day, we usually have…

  • Voyage

    Kyoto With You

    I can’t really remember the exact time I first visited Kyoto. It might be around 10 years ago? It never lose its magic to me.…

  • Voyage

    Summer in Kyoto

    I’ve been to Kyoto during spring, summer, autumn and winter. Goals unlocked. My favourites are spring and autumn! It is really one of the best spots in Japan during autumn, I tell…

  • Japan

    Japan Week 2: Kyoto iPhone Diary

    Just got back from our day trip to Kyoto. I usually take a lot of photos during trips but I always tend to forget about them. I have a bunch of…

  • Voyage

    Kyoto Travel Guide

    This 2015, I’ve been to Kyoto from Winter to Spring, skipped Summer and went back this Autumn. Yay! So thankful for all those wonderful memories I made. As per usual, I…

  • Voyage

    Autumn in Kyoto

    On our way in search of the best autumn spot in Kyoto, we came across this temple called Taiko-an. There, we found out that it is actually a sub-temple of the…