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      Kimono 🎎

    Spring in Japan IS BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I AM NOT KIDDING! “If life is but a dream” is such a perfect description of it. To make it even more perfect, we decided to…

  • Japan

    ο»ΏPurikura in Osaka

    I’ve only spent a few hours with Jessica during our trip to Osaka since she has to return to Nagoya on my first official day in the city. So I told…

  • Voyage

    Osaka 2016 Day 2: Zepp Namba, Namba Parks

    Since Jessica already went home to Nagoya, Sachi and I were left at our airbnb place in Shin-Osaka. We were actually very chill (if it’s the right word?) travellers. We left…

  • Voyage

    ο»ΏOsaka 2016 Day 1: Shinsaibashi

    Sorry for my cliche title! I just really want to share with you my first day back in Osaka! My last trip here was last November. I’ve only been gone for…

  • Voyage

    What To Do in Japan in February

    A student from my talk yesterday (at a private elementary – high school in Manila) asked me about what to do in Japan in May so I thought of writing a…