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    Happy Anniversary, Justin

    We never celebrated anniversaries since we’re always apart (LDR for around 6 years 🙋🏻) so I’m really thankful for today – being with you, eating good food and generally just having…

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    Travel Bucket List 2017

    Every year, I usually share my first quarter goals on my blog and then forget to  write about second-fourth quarter ones. Just like in 2015. I like to use the word…

  • Tokyo


      Hi from Saitama! I’m now with Kaila working for Our Kawaii Tokyo. How to describe our OKT duties? It involves printing old-school polaroid ish photos of our whole Tokyo experience, maximizing…

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    It’s hard to trust people nowadays but I’d still rather choose to give it to people and be disappointed after (in case the friendship didn’t work) because that’s how life goes…